Transformational Life Coaching


Learn How To:

  • Release Anger
  • Clear Your Head
  • Make Good Decisions
  • Get What You Want
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Why Does My Wife Love Me?

Why is Happiness Important? Ah...good question! Happiness used to be inherent, and came from a sense of accomplishment and success in our lives, at survival, family, our occupation. This extended … Listen to this episode

Is It Ok To Love My Ex Wife?

Susan is my ex-wife, and believe me I can imagine your surprise. What is most important here is that we are very close friends and have worked hard to keep our love open to one another. We both think … Listen to this episode


In Divorce

Real Men Are Loving Men Could anything be worse than a stock market crash? Yes, divorce. Divorce is where we lose control and become misunderstood. It is also the place that will define who we are … Continue Reading »

Why Women Leave Men

by Willard F. Harley, Jr., Ph.D. "I hurt all the time because I feel alone and abandoned.""My husband is no longer my friend." "The only time he pays attention to me is when he wants … Continue Reading »

5 Steps To Better Living

Sometimes a little spirituality can help When you are going through any difficult time in your life, turning to spirituality or God can help. With all the different choices and confusion using … Continue Reading »